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Welcome to our community of bike tourists. This is a hospitality site for touring cyclists.

-Derwael René 2011-02 Thailand

-Andreas Flohr 3013-05 Germany

-Michael Freeman 2010-06 Australia

-Corbett Rowell 2010-07 Hong Kong

-Michael Wowk 2010-08 Australia

-Maarten Koenen 2010-09 Netherlands

-Brittany Newell 2011-11 USA

-Michael Noske 2012-08 Australia

-Aljoscha Köhler 2012-08 Germany

-Bredt Bredthauer 2012-08 USA

-Ana Wight en Landon Canham 2013-02 Australia

-Yoo Myung-Sik & Oh Hyun-Jin 2013-07 Korea

-Hans De Ley 2013-07 Belgium

-Minjae Kim, Sang Jun Lee, Ji Jeong Park, Kim Jun Seok 2013-11 Korea

-Cha Sanghyun and friends 2014-5 Korea

- Frédéric Andreu 2014-5 France

- Xu Jiangjun ( Ivan)2014-8 China

- Filip Krgovic 2014-10 Montenegto

CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit.

-Sigrid 2011-04 Germany

-Claudine Vanderhispallie

2012-07 Belgium

-Supaporn Ross 2012-12 Thailand

-Siwa Anu 2012-12 Thailand

-Narbetai 2012-12 Thailand

-Bussabar Boonga 2013-01 Thailand

-Nico Meijerman 2014-07 Netherlands

-Tik Tikky 2015- 03 Thailand

-Wotin David 2010-05 France

-Wolter Seuntjes 2010-07 Netherlands

-Carian Costello Ireland

-Éloïse Simoncelli-Bourque 2011-08 Canada

-Yves Dewelle 2011-09 Belgium

-Boyan Stoyanov-Elena Dimitrova-Valentin Dimitrov 2012-07 Bulgaria

-Gérard Valin 2013-04 France

-Supaporn Ross 2014-05 Thailand

Our aim is to bring people together

hosts and guests, travelers and locals.

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The 'dachgeber' is a special

donor overnight directory of cyclists

Bicycle friendly stay.



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The alternative to hotels.

Book one of 91,005 great


Jobs, housing, goods, services,

romance, local activities,

advice - just about anything really.

Fietsen en logeren in een B&B,

vakantiewoning, hotel


A site for booking rural homestay in Thailand.



Enjoy their blind booking process. They essentially say "we have a super rate on a 3 star hotel in New York's Time Square" and you book it without knowing the hotel. While that sounds scary, I've never ended up in a bad hotel and have saved a ton of money in the process. Highly recommended site.



The best hostel accommodation site out there with the largest inventory, best search interface, and availability. I use them for my bookings and they are an official sponsor of this website.



Another good accommodation alternative, this site connects with homeowners who rent out their homes/apartments to you. You'll get all the comforts of home, the chance to stay in a local, non-touristy part of where you are going, and pay a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. has a robust inventory, lots of sales, and gives you one free nights stay for every 10 booked. They make for a good starting point when looking for brand name hotels.



They do a really good deals on cruises, hotels, and sometimes flights. Better flight booking sites are Kayak and Vayama. However, for cruises and package deals, you really can't beat Expedia. They also have a really good loyalty program.



Allows you to bid on hotels and save a lot more money than just by booking directly. When used in conjunction with the bidding site Better Bidding, you can substantially lower the cost of your hotels by as much as 60%.



The best hotel accommodation site for Asia. If you want a good hotel or guesthouse in Asia, use this site.


Trip Advisor

Mom and pop guesthouses can't afford the percentage that major booking sites take. If you are traveling to the "third world" countries, use Trip Advisor and you'll find way more listings to choose from than you would from a site like